Selling some stuff on Store Envy!

Selling some stuff on Store Envy!

Hello! I’m selling some anime,videogames, and kpop keychains on store envy!!! 🙂
Please check it out!


Snow White(modern)

Oh my gosh, I haven’t updated in like two or three weeks? Sorry I’ve been really busy with college apps and also doing some commissions ;-;. I didn’t have time to blog about anything but I’ll do some updates! 😀
I did a lot of in class sketches that I really love! I won’t be uploading it but instead I’ll be uploading my “snow white”

I was inspired by snow white and thought that maybe I should do modern clothes inspired by snow white!

Here’s the picture!



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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

Sorry I haven’t updated in two weeks >< I’ve been really busy with college applications and homework.
I’m also behind on some commissions and sending my shipments out!
I just wanna say I’m still alive and I bought the new KH GAME :D.
I just wanna say I’m very happy to live my childhood in a remastered HD edition now and I’m trying my best to hold my my ears ;A;.
It’s a great game! Buy it!

A Werewolf Boy









So when I was at K-Con, I actually won a raffle (for once) and I had a choice to choose between Kpop Albums and or movies. What caught my eye was A Werewolf boy on DVD. The only reason why it had caught my eyes was that my friends at school were talking about it once and how they cried in the movie (their way of saying it was good). Although I heard about the movie before they even suggested to me (because I listened to one of the songs from the soundtracks and I loved it!). So deciding between my Super Junior SEXY FREE AND SINGLE album and this movie, I chose this movie. I didn’t watch it until yesterday and I was expecting a lot, so I ended up inviting my guy friend over to have a movie night with me. I thought the characters were really cute and there were some light-hearted moments, as we braced for impact for something huge to happen. Song Joong-Ki and Park Bo-young did a fantastic job for the acting, especially since Song Joong-ki has no lines for the most part. You can feel the intensity from their eyes and the tension.
I really love the pacing in this movie and the lighting, and not to mention the soundtrack itself.

This had to be one of my favorite scenes from the movie, it was just so sweet. I won’t say what happens, but it was really cute and I couldn’t help but feel warm inside.
So as the movie came to the close, I didn’t expect myself to cry so much. I SOBBED like a madwoman and when I turned to my friend, I couldn’t believe he was crying too! The movie was touching and heartwarming and it was soo…augh I can’t even explained it myself. My little sister then came home a few hours later from a party and my friend and I decided we’ll watch it again with her (we had recovered from our little sobs from earlier). So going late into the night (past midnight), we were trying to held in our tears. My sister cried, and I mean CRIED. I knew she was sensitive but I understood why, the movie was very touching and my friend and I still sobbed, but even harder. We weren’t sure if it was from my sister’ contagious cries, but we still did.
This is a great movie and if you guys haven’t watched it, give it a go! I really loved the movie and I’ll probably host a movie night and show this to all my friends (and make them cry LOL).

K-con 2013

I’m sorry for not updating anything on my blog for like.. a week? I was really busy catching up with my school work (especially since I had just transferred into AP Lit.). I finally caught up and I wasn’t able to upload anything due to my horrid internet connection and the fact I just went to K-con this past weekend.
I gotta say…IT WAS AMAZING! Convention-wise, I liked anime expo much better (because it was indoors and you had more things to do), but what truly blown me away was the concert. The performances were amazing and I originally went because Fx,Teen top,EXO, Henryand GD were going, but the other lineups were just as amazing!!!!! I really did wish I got to go to 2AM’s fanmeet and get Yoo Seung Woo’s autograph smh.
Although $200 for VIP2 wasn’t so worth it because I didn’t even get anything on the scratchers, I swear. The only good thing were the stuff I bought,the people, and the concert.
It’s just kind of sad that this was my first ever concert (and for kpop) and I’ve been a fan since 2008 and I never was able to afford a simple concert, but I’m glad I did this year. I speak for all of those long time fans who can’t be able to afford anything. I actually know some people who spent 800-1000 for this convention and I have to say that’s INSANE. You can do much more with 1000 seriously (i can go on a vacation to LAS VEGAS OR NY WITH THAT). Other than that I just wanted to post something personal with my K-Con Haul and sort of my face. This lady from one of the booth liked my drawing of LUhan so much she took a picture of me (I drew terribly though)


Daryl Yan

Daryl Yan

I just wanted to put this as another placeholder. I’m really busy this week (with homework and I have to catch up since I just switched into my AP Lit class) so I might not update for a couple of days. For sure I won’t update on saturday and Sunday because I’m going to KCON!!! 😀
If you guys love kpop and are going I hope we can meet up!
Thanks for looking through and enjoy a sketch of Daryl Yan from Guilty Crown